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Notepad like note taking and writing tool that can help you to create sticky notes for your various notes.
Full featured sticky notes tool with
- Drag and drop note creation
- New note icon with customizable background
- Inbuilt text editing tool
- Attach images, audio and video
- Drag and drop to re-order notes
- Note reminder settings
- Delete note with single click
- Properties menu
- Zip/unzip note to save your notes
- Send note by email
- Full featured windows explorer toolbar with attachment drop down menu
- Option to show or hide the notes tray icon
- Highlight text with different color
- Highlight code and image with different color
- Highlight html tags
- Mark selected text and notes with different colors
- Click and highlight on notes to edit them
- Auto scroll notes if not enough space in a note
- Save notes to file

Create sticky notes in your own image with PhotoSticky – a free, easy-to-use image sticky notes application. You can decorate your notes in styles that look just like the real thing, and the app even lets you turn the notes into a postcard or a passport photo. With this image-based sticky notes app, you can even add a stylized background and a watermark to your notes to personalize them.
PhotoSticky features a powerful image editor that lets you crop, rotate, and adjust the contrast and brightness of the image, even create a watermark if you want. Once you’re done editing, your image sticky notes look just like the real thing.
The app includes many ready-to-use sticker themes, or you can create your own stickers from scratch. Your custom stickers are saved on your device for easy access.
PhotoSticky is easy to use, thanks to a clean and simple interface. From creating a note to adding a background, all you have to do is select the option, and the app does the rest. You can also add your own text, line, or drop shadows to really make your notes look professional.
How to create image sticky notes with PhotoSticky:
Step 1: Launch PhotoSticky, then select New Note.
Step 2: After the dialog box closes, click Add Image.
Step 3: In the Browse for Photos dialog box, select an image that you want to use as your sticky note.
Step 4: Click Open to add your image to the sticky note a77f14ba26 chilper
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