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t Explained in Instagram Photos

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Ptsd about what happened police officers impact them to make them feel something, but none of it is accurate because the incident did not take place," the lawsuit said.

Rabbi Michael Stern told the judge Monday that he had asked that the lawsuit be dismissed because of a law that allows him to file a civil rights case against any person who is injured when they try to protect a peace officer from harm.

The city has until Aug. 21 to respond to the complaint, and it could hold a hearing to decide which way the case should go, or appeal.

The lawsuit was first reported by KPTV.

Government mismanaging transport infrastructure can also come with the same risks as the environment, which is not a crime," says O'Toole. The lack of access to publicly owned public transport is a major concern, since only 1 in every 7 transport users access their own transport for work.

The new figures provide a good way of highlighting these dangers. The number of people living in poverty is at its highest since records began in 2007, with 47 per cent of people in Scotland living in poverty, up from 41 per cent a year before.

Although the increase in social welfare use has outpaced the growth of poverty, the number of people living on benefits has been growing at a much faster rate than wages – 16 per cent of workers are receiving cash-support, up from 11 per cent in 2005.

As O'Toole says: "The current data show that there are currently more people earning less on benefits than the earnings of low earners, and there remains a deep divide between people living at lower and higher incomes. This has implications across Scotland."

The figures will provide further evidence that it is clear that we have to take some tough steps to tackle the poverty rate, says O'Toole. He said: "We are trying to cut that to an unprecedented extent. We are now cutting the poorest and most vulnerable at a rate we have not seen since 1999, and we have got this long-term trend to get a bit tighter than we have ever managed before."

The ONS estimate that people living on benefits alone account for about one in every 100 adults in Scotland, although their contribution is only one-tenth of their income.

This figure is on top of an overall 10 percent decline in benefits spending over the past 12 months. It shows that the Scottish Government is now spending 1 per cent of its total income on benefits – although the figures for Scotland are only available as annual receipts and the figures for the UK are available on a quarterly basis.

The figures also show that the cost of living in Scotland has dropped by 1 percent year-on-year since the start of last year, due to more people in work, a lower cost of living and, of course, lower inflation.

The statistics highlight how long these figures are, and how the benefits system in Scotland is continuing to operate without any change. The Scottish government wants to increase its spending by 6 per cent annually – above the Scottish Government's 2015 target of 5 per cent – and the figures also show that there have been more people receiving a job since the latest Scottish government budget was released.

A recent study from the University of Glasgow found that more than two-thirds of people working in Scotland are on pay or salary. Only 6 per cent of those employed as staff were o
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